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Why Wealth Managers, LLC?

Distinctively Different

Conventional behavior brings conventional or average results. Being different is absolutely essential unless you want average returns. If investing were easy then everyone would be rich, and as we all know, everyone is not rich. As Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway fame has stated: “It’s not supposed to be easy.”

We believe that in order to be a superior investor, you need the strength to diverge from the herd and to stand by your convictions. You cannot take the same action as everyone else & expect to outperform.

As Warren Buffet has said: “To succeed in a spectacular fashion you have to be spectacularly unusual.”

 As Howard Marks from Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. has stated: “I’m convinced that everything that’s important in investing is counter-intuitive, and everything that’s obvious is wrong” – we agree.

So what makes Wealth Managers, LLC different? 

1. We are independent

Being independent allows us to recommend the best possible investment ideas to our clients. No proprietary products & no corporate quotas.

2.  We are Partner owned & operated

No parent company or conglomerate dictating policies from an ivory tower

3.  We are Socially Conscious

We give back to our local community as well as to national & international no-profit organizations.

4. We have been around for a very long time.

Our team of seasoned, knowledgeable investment professionals have nearly a century of collective experience.

5. We live & work close by

In fact, we are miles away from Wall Street. This helps us to think for ourselves and tune out the static from New York.

Wealth Managers Declaration of Independence